All About the Entrepreneurial Leaders Program (ELP):
Learn what the program is all about and the effect it has had on other entrepreneurs. A first-hand look at how the program helps emerging leaders grow personally and in their businesses.

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Return on Investment:
You spend time and money on a variety of things for your business. Becoming part of ELP™, you are investing in your business’ most valuable asset: you. Learn from others the value received for their commitment to the program.

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Circle of Trust:
You are not alone. In ELP™, you are among a small group of peers who have or are facing the same challenges as you. In our highly confidential environment an immediate trust is built that allows for honest, open dialogue to help with each others’ challenges.

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The Experience:
Here from two members what is like to participate in ELP™ for the long term.

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Speakers Reach Out:
ELP™ brings in speakers that are high calibre local and visiting business leaders through casual, open and interactive sessions and allow for one-on-one discussions for participants to get the most out of every session.

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Sponsors Fuel ELP:
Paying it forward is key to ELP™. Our program participants not only receive financial sponsorship for the program from successful leaders who believe in our program, but they also get to spend time one on one with our sponsors.

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Location, Location Location:
The remote setting for ELP™ allows our participants to get away from distractions of day to day business and really focus on their business.

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Elevator Pitches from some of our Entrepreneurial Leadership Program participants

2008-2009 group

- Jake Arsenault (ELP1)                          View the video

- Cornel Ceapa (ELP1)                           View the video

- Trish Connolly (ELP1)                          View the video

- Kara Hachey (ELP1)                            View the video

- Gordie Lavoie (ELP1)                          View the video

- Janice MacPherson (ELP1)                  View the video

- Keith McIntosh (ELP1)                        View the video

- Derek Riedle (ELP1)                            View the video

- Robert Savoie (ELP1)                          View the video

- Ryan Smith (ELP1)                               View the video

2009-2010 group

- Roddy Awad (ELP2)                            View the video

- Chantal Chiasson (ELP2)                      View the video

- Duane Dunfield (ELP2)                         View the video

- Greg Hemmings (ELP2)                        View the video

- Kevin Hurley (ELP2)                            View the video

- Pierre Martell (ELP2)                           View the video

- Pierre Pelletier (ELP2)                          View the video

- Terri Riedle (ELP2)                               View the video

- Nick Rutter (ELP2)                              View the video

- Carl Tremblay (ELP2)                          View the video

2010-2011 group

- Vincent Cormier (ELP3)                       View the video

- Denis Desrosiers (ELP3)                      View the video

- Sean Dunbar (ELP3)                            View the video

- Eric Fisher (ELP3)                                View the video

- April Glavine (ELP3)                            View the video

- Lyne Haché LeBlanc (ELP3)                View the video

- Nicola MacNaughton (ELP3)               View the video

- Marc Poirier (ELP3)                             View the video

- Mark Stevens (ELP3)                           View the video

- Gary Williston (ELP3)                          View the video