CEOs That Sell - Closed for 2016
The target companies for this workshop are those that need to learn how to increase sales at a faster pace more successfully and be given the tools to do so effectively. BtoB companies, likely in ICT, Biotech, manufacturing, process improvement, big data. Most do not have sales backgrounds and do not engrain the importance of sales early enough. Companies will be mostly under $1 million in sales but need to break through to $3-5 million in sales but also could be larger companies who want to learn how to get to the next level in their industry.

Executive-in-Residence Mike Mallory consults one on one with entrepreneurs living a personal or business challenge. This program offers a highly customized and personal experience with the goal of assisting individual companies with their strategic growth. 

Miramichi Technology Fund

On May 28, 2011 Frank and Julie McKenna donated $1 million into a fund to be managed by the Wallace McCain Institute to foster technology companies in the Miramichi region of the province.