long term support - peer groups

WMI’s major concentration is on building personal capacity and business judgment.  This is accomplished primarily through peer groups.  The groups below require an application and interview process and involve fees to participate.  Once a group begins, its membership is closed and groups meet on a monthly or quarterly basis indefinitely.

ELP (Entrepreneurial Leaders Program)

This is the flagship program of WMI for entrepreneurs who wish to reach their full potential and maintain their head office in the region. This program provides members with experiential learning to build better business judgment.  

EChO (Family Business)
It is critical to ensure that family businesses continue to be headquartered in the region. The next generation faces unique challenges as they establish their own identity as part of, or external to, the family business(es).  See the brochure here.

SEP (Strategic Executives Program / Previous Second – in – Command Program)

After years of working with founders, presidents and CEOs, it is clear that the most important thing they need to succeed is not access to capital but rather access to great people to help translate their dream into reality. In order to address this need, WMI established a peer group for senior executives that began in the fall of 2010. Read testimonials from current members here.