The Order - Wallace McCain Institute

Graduates from the Entrepreneurial Leaders Program are inducted into “The ORDER of The Wallace McCain Institute Inc.” - the alumni group of the Institute’s flagship program. The ORDER meets regularly and is centered on evolving the legacy of entrepreneurial leadership. 

The logo is very symbolic, as each ring represents a member of The ORDER. Each ring takes a different path, but they diverge and overlap – as do the skill sets and relationships of the members of The ORDER. Each ring can also be seen as a forum group, linked to the other groups. 

The ORDER of WMI is the only network of diverse and high growth potential entrepreneurial leaders, that fosters trusted accessible connections for ELP Alumni in the Greater Atlantic Area (GAA), who want to grow personally, professionally and regionally in a challenging economic climate.

The values that guide The ORDER members are: 

  • Integrity
  • Ambition
  • Fortitude
  • Collaboration
  • Forward-thinking


Once inducted in The ORDER, members can join the ORDER Online Community at: