The Wallace McCain Institute’s strongest partnerships are with a group of aligned organizations called “The Cousins”. “The Cousins” is a collective formalized in May 2012 that includes (in chronological order of formation) 21inc, the NB Business Council, the Wallace McCain Institute, NB2026 and FutureNB. These organizations trace their lineage back to John McLaughlin’s vision while he was President of UNB. The cousins work to align our activity for greater impact and minimal duplication. The goal is to achieve a shared vision to grow a stronger NB.

The members mapped their role (see graphic) in comparison to the other organizations. This clarified the space in which each operates. Each group has at least a NB-wide scope and is independent of government.

21inc New Brunswick Business Council Wallace McCain Institute NB2026 Future NB

Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick Social Policy Research Network New Brunswick Information Technology Council Pond-Deshpande Centre


 The group further defined the places with potential overlap or synergies possible by sharing resources.


The group worked to clarify and articulate the unique differentiating assets within each organization and within their respective leader(s).

It was agreed that the circle of collaboration should be expanded to include the key individual(s) within other organizations that the cousins routinely interact with and who share a similar vision for a “better NB”. This group is loosely referred to as the 2nd cousins and includes Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick, Social Policy Research Network, NB IT Council, Pond Despande Center and Propel ICT.

Several 3rd cousins were considered that are either governmental in nature or that operate regionally. They may be involved at a later stage.