Membership begins in WMI at the payment of the first invoice in a peer group. If a WMI member
decides to leave their peer group after the completion of the first year of meetings, members in good
standing with their group can still maintain their WMI membership by paying an annual fee ($100 + tax
in 2015) for the period of July 1 to June 30th. An Order member is automatically a WMI member, and
there is no additional fee. WMI membership is also available to participants in peer groups that end
completely by design (e.g. 2iC), transition (e.g. VPHR) or group decision (e.g. ELP3).
• Be invited to special events planned by WMI:
  • Member speakers, workshops and tours
  • Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame after party
  • Our Top Talent
• Be eligible for any special offers extended to members by third parties:
  • Seating with WMI (e.g. JA Hall of Fame)
  • TEC or YPO special speaker events
  • NB Business Council events or opportunities (e.g. Passport)
  • Invitation only conferences (previously FutureNB and 4Front Atlantic)
• Be visible as a member:
  • Listing on the WMI website as a member
  • Have access to identifying branded items (e.g. lapel pins)
  • Get WMI pricing on special events, activities and tools (e.g. mentoring platform in 2015)

Starting with ELP4 in the fall of 2011, WMI members have the following oath on their signed norms
boards during their creation during their program launch. Members must adhere to this oath to remain
in Good Standing.

I will strive to act, and be perceived, in a way that positively enhances the brand of the WMI and is
respectful to Wallace’s memory.”