workshop leader


Corey Poirier
Award winning high demand speaker / trainer
Summerside, Price Edward Island


Corey Poirier is an award winning high demand speaker / trainer (having presented to over 50,000 attendees since 2002), Founder / Publisher of one of Atlantic Canadian's Premier Business Publications (Island Business News), a 4 time acclaimed 'and best-selling' author (Conversations With book series), a radio show host (his Conversations With PASSION radio show features leaders along the lines of Chicken Soup’s Jack Canfield and Dr. David Suzuki) CEO of a thriving Seminar and Events Company (more than 2500 different people have gone through his sleeves rolled up style training and seminar programs), founder of a media company that now includes audio, video and print media, writer whose educational articles have appeared more than 900 times in publications (including the likes of Progress Magazine, Motivated Magazine Media, Burnside News, SOHO Magazine, and many more), and he’s a multiple time award winning sales executive, the 2009 / 2010 President of Junior Chamber International (Halifax Chapter), a former Canadian Professional Sales Association member, Toastmaster, Halifax Chamber Ambassador, and an interviewer (print / audio / video) who has personally interviewed more than 2000 high achievers (including the likes of Arlene Dickinson of CBC's Dragon's Den, Leadership Guru Robin Sharma, Grammy Winner Gordie Sampson, Success and Sales Legend Zig Ziglar, Chef Michael Smith, and thousands more) and, as a result of his highly "customized" dynamic talks, he has close to 1000 testimonials / comments available on request.